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The entrance will lead you to the second floor where you will discover what the COMME CHEZ SOI patrons call the best kept secret in the West Island. Exceptional and flawless cooking, refined yet very affordable wine list, intimate and warm decor make it exactly what it's name stands for. Owner and Maitre D, Ronald Beauchamp, has figured out just what it takes to create a successful restaurant. The mahogany bar and bookcase, fluffy leather coaches in the lounge area, welcoming you to enjoy one of their multiple fresh on tap Belgian beers. The well dressed white-linen tables and attending to your highest expectations is a wait staff genuinely proud of the standard they've set, as opposed to professionally charming. They'll make you feel like royalty and the ambiance is one you will rarely find. Details like every beer has it's own particular shaped glass with it's logo emblazoned on it, remind us how deeply passionate and unique the Belgians really are. Also not to be missed is the signature mi-cuit au chocolat Belge grand cru, served straight from the oven. The perfect spot for an unforgettable romantic tête-à-tête, an intimate party or group gathering.